10 Reasons why website designing is important in 2020

website important

10 Reasons why website designing is important in 2020. The year 2020 has changed perception of the entire world regarding online mediums forever. No matter how the new normal would look. This perception and importance of online medium is going to leave its mark on the world. Now that everything is happening through online mediums it becomes seven more important for business to go with the trend and keep up.

If they want to stay relevant and in business they need to understand and adapt according to the needs of the society and their consumers. One of the most important things which makes your presence seen on the online medium is a well-designed website. It is the place where anyone can get all the information that they require about your business.

Since it is so important, let’s have a look at the reasons as to why website designing is important in 2020

website designing important
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1. For your customers

 Your business only exists till the point its demand is there in the market. The demand which is created by your customers. Now, even though the title is pretty self-explanatory. It is still important to know the various reasons as to why a website is important for your customers.

A website is your chance to make a good first attempt on your customers. This first impression can either encourage them to look more about your business or to take a step back.

Your customers also need to know all the details of your business. A website helps you draw the narrative of your business according to your wishes. A website is a great place to provide all your business website designing details and everything that one might want to know. and This could encourage them to engage in business with you. In 2020, a website not only provides information. But also works as a social proof of the existence of your business. It helps you create a brand which helps your business in a lot of aspects.


website designing important

2. Maximise ROI (Return of Investment)

 It is always misunderstood that website designing is a lot of investment but doesn’t yield the same result. Actually, it is the opposite. Website designing has an excellent return of investment for your business. It has so many benefits including reaching nee wide ranging audiences. All the content on your website also impacts the buying decision of the customer encourages them to see your business in positive light.

A good ecommerce website design ensures that all the visitors of the website turn into customers or at least consider the possibility the same. A website makes the process of purchase from scrolling to buying and reviewing a lot easier and stress free for the customers.

That is of course if your website is optimized for sales. Even if it nit it is great for increasing the reach of your business. Especially of you are a small business or a start-up, a website designing helps you grow in areas and places which otherwise must have felt impossible to reach. This way all the limitation of any particular business are removed and a sea of opportunity visible for your business.

website designing important

3. Credibility

A website helps build credibility like no other digital mediums. It automatically creates a trustworthy image of your business in the eyes of all the visitors of the site. This further helps in expansion of your business, because trusting a business means that it is something that you will recommend to others. It is also a way to show the world that you are serious about your business and are making visible efforts to expand it.

The statistics show that people are more believing in the business whose websites are well designed. Answers all questions and overall gives a sense of trust. Once they can trust the website there is a large chance of them engaging in business with you.

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website designing important
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4. Communication

 In 2020, a website is one of the prime modes of direct communication for various businesses as the entire world is shut down. Website provides customers with first-hand information about the business, among them feeling as if the information is directly coming from the source. Websites allow commutation across borders and time.

The limitations of physical meetings does not stop the process of commutation as websites can reach any corner of the world. And provide around the clock services and information about your business. Not only communication is possible without limitations it is also very instant.

All you need to do is create content and post it on your website. It can reach millions of people in a touch of a click in seconds. This makes communication easy and frequent, thereby helping the owners to keep the customers in a loop.

All the qualities mentioned above are enough to make the customers choose a business with a website rather than the one which doesn’t. These things make the working and understanding of the business easier for both the customers and business owners.

website designing important

5. Competition

Every business has its own competitors, there is no successful business without competition. Even though competition is not necessarily a bad thing, it does entail more work on your part. Most of your competitors would have a website and you need to have one as well to compete with them. Therefore it becomes important for your business to have a website in order to compete with all the other businesses in the same category.

Since it is 2020, most businesses already have a website. Therefore it is essential that yours is better in the designing aspect. Your websites need to show the visitors all the reasons as to why they should choose your business over others which are present in the market.

The website needs to be optimized because in actuality it will not just be competing with the small business but also the huge agglomerations. So it is important that you dominate the internet with the website and win over all the customers.

6. Fading Social Media Reach

Even though social media is all the hip these days. There might come a time when it can become obsolete for the growth of your business. It is even more important to realise that only social media is not enough to attract new customers. Almost all businesses have a Facebook page. One more reason as to why just a simple Facebook page is not enough for your business. Most statistics indicate that less and less people use Facebook every day.

The existence of various social media platform have divided the crowd and with that the customer base of business on social media is reducing. Whereas website are something which are said to be evergreen. They attract new customers even when all the social media platforms fail.

This is no way means that social media platforms doesn’t have potential to increase business because they do. What it means is that they alone are not enough. And one needs the help of website to properly establish the business as websites are reliable for years to come.

7. Cost efficient

Advertising in all its glory costs a fortune especially mediums such as billboards, newspapers, television, etc. though not the same website is inexpensive and cost efficient in that aspect.

Not only is it a cost efficient option but also has endless possibilities of growth and improvement. There are many tools, skills and methods using which you can optimize your website. And increase yield of your website and reach the full potential of your business.

Not just that, the rate of investment in website designing is usually much higher than all other forms of advertising. Websites also require much less maintenance and are mostly hassle free other than getting updated. So, to derive your money value invested in the website you need to make sure that you are updating your website regularly. Keeping up with the trends and understanding your business and customers better than others. Also, make sure to not neglect the kind of content you put out there because it matters a lot.

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8. Customer Service

All the businesses need to provide a set of services to their customers for their convenience. To make sure all their queries and doubts are resolved. Therefore all businesses have a customer service unit which includes a ‘contact us’ section giving all the customer access to questions, notifications, doubts and everything else one needs to know. This feature is put on the websites for efficient communication between the business and customers.

It provides feedback to business owners and facilities to the customers. This makes the overall experience from contacting to purchase easier. There are many new customer service features which you can involve as a part of your website making your business better than others in the same line. These are online chat boxes with immediate responses, live chats, a list of FAQs, separate lines for separate problems etc. 

A website allows you to provide satisfactory service to your customers, making sure that they come back again to the same business. These things might seem little or small but they are the one which makes a huge difference.

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9. Helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

We are all very familiar with SEO and its various importance, having a website is a huge advantage for your SEO. A good web design with its various elements, techniques and trends affects all the search engine optimization and let your business grow. Therefore a website is an important thing to keep in mind, a thing that you cannot afford to screw up as it has rather large ramifications.

A website when helping SEO starts your journey of visibility on the internet for attracting potential customers and expanding the business. Starting from how the content is published on your website to certain web design elements directly affects SEO in and of themselves.

Even though the concept of web designing is difficult to understand sometimes, it can be easily understood with simple work and choosing a SEO friendly format. You need to have a website to be able to attract new audiences and have better SEO.

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 All businesses want to build a brand, a brand which speaks to their customers has their trust and just the name of the organisation is enough to incite a feeling of credibility. To build a brand out of a new or small business site needs to have consistency. It needs to be stable and regular so that it can start the process. Your audience needs to be familiarized with your brand, so that it grows to become bigger and better.

This consistency not only helps in brand building but also in many other aspects of business expansion. It generates new leads for your business, converts visitors into potential customers, etc. This consistency in 2020 is extracted from your web design and the way you conduct it.

Website design shave a similar sense of fonts, styles, and layouts across every page and various content and when it is different your website might come out as inconsistent and unprofessional. An inconsistent and unprofessional website doesn’t’ attract people rather repels them as it doesn’t imbibe a sense of trust with itself.

Therefore it is important to have a website which speaks about the consistency of your business. This website will help you gain recognition with your audience. This is the way in which large companies use particular colours to associate with themselves for example the colours of coca cola or Dairy Milk, etc. So be sure to have a consistent website otherwise you might b bouncing your potential customers to your competitors.


Hopefully now you have a better idea as to why website designing is such a big hit in 2020 and all the reasons as to why you need to have one and that too a good one.  So, if you still don’t have website for your business then start building and in case you do have one then start updating it!