7 Best Social Media Tools That Tourists Love in 2020

The world of travel and tourism has been fascinating to several people around the world. The idea of experiencing different cultures, traditions, and cuisines has truly given birth to the idea of ‘wanderlust’. The face of this industry in 2020 seems to be filled with glooms and dooms. Several travel plans made and yet several plans left without execution. But there seems to be a slow yet steady revival in the tourism industry with the European Union (EU)  deciding to allow visitors from 15 safe countries. A lot of still hope of the day, when we will be able to travel again. For the others who wish to travel, there are several social media tools that can help you narrate your travel stories this lockdown. Whether it might be reliving past memories or sharing your future travel plans.

Social Media Tools can prove to be extremely useful in multiple ways. It allows even amateur creators to put their best foot forward and create content that is neat and professional. Some of them include:

  • Extend Your Reach
  • To Save Time
Best Social Media Tools
  • Save money
  • To Optimize Your Content
Best Social Media Tools

Here Are 7 Way in Which Social Media Tools Prove To Be Life Savers For Tourists

1) Don’t Trust the Ad? Trust the People!

It is almost counter-intuitive for people to believe ads these days. Be it the advertisement for a product or an experience. Ads often prove to be scams and thus have lost their trustworthiness. People invest a lot of their time, money, and emotions on their vacations and don’t wish to be scammed in this regard. They are on a constant search for sources with reliable travel information.  This lockdown, tourists from around the world can share their travel stories through their social media. But, how do we share information that is relevant? Google Trends is one of the social media tools that can be used to answer this question. 


• Google  Trends is a social media tool that analyses search requests from various parts of the world and gives the user input on the trending topics. 

• It is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, etc.

 Thus, you can use the analysis and information provided by this tool to draft your travel ideas and experiences in a way that can cater to your target audience. 

Similar Social Media  Tools: Wordstream, Ahrefs

Price: This tool is completely free of cost

2) One-Stop for All Your Travel Doubts

Before you leave for a vacation, you would want to stay updated about all the happenings of your travel destination. You would also want to know about the delicacies, traditions, and cuisine of that place. Travel Bloggers around the world,  share their travel diaries. These can help all the travel enthusiasts out there to solve their doubts.

 Feedly allows you to stay on top of all this information. It is a one-stop news aggregator that collects and organizes information from around the web in one convenient place so that you can have a place that answers all your travel queries. Feedly has access to 40 million sources on 2000 topics. It processes millions of articles every day. You can also follow the travel blogs of your favourite influencers. It allows you to save time and make more informed decisions. Now you can spend your time during this lockdown, reading blogs, and researching your next travel destination without having to spend hours filtering unwanted data. 


  • RSS Feeds
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Search Functionality
  • Trend Tracking

 Similar Social Media Tools: Flipboard 

Price: Free for the basic plan.

3) Pictures to Make it Pretty!

Pictures speak a thousand words especially in the world of tourism. Posters and presentations allow you to put forward your thoughts and experiences in a clear and attractive way. To hire a graphic designer can be extremely expensive. If you have a travel story to tell but don’t have a lot of experience in this area especially in the field of photo or graphic editing, then there is a social media tool to solve this problem. 

Canva allows you to create posters and presentations, to ensure that you can narrate your travel story in a unique and attractive way. It helps you create visual content so that you can give a creative and interesting touch to your content.


  • It has a library of over a million templates and other graphic elements.
  • Some of Canva’s features include customizable branding, fonts, photo editing.
  • Canva provides ready to use templates and illustrations so that you can effectively share your travel experiences without the help of a professional graphic designer. This can help your followers to know more about the travel destination. 

Similar Social Media Tools: Crello

Pricing: There is a free version. You can upgrade to a paid version

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4) Make Your Content Creative with Free Images!

We all want to have beautiful photos of our vacation that we can share with our friends and family so that we can share with them our experiences and anecdotes.  Photos have a much greater capacity of capturing attention as compared to words. They can add an interesting touch to the text.  The routine of text can be creatively broken with the help of colorful and vibrant images. But, there is a catch. Not all of us have the skill of taking beautiful images for our blogs and hiring a professional photographer for every vacation is not an option that is open to many people.  

‘Unsplash’ proves to be extremely convenient is a situation like this. It is a platform that has a wide collection of photos. They are copyright free and can be used by all its users without any charge.


• It provides its users with a gigantic library of photos and images. This allows social media marketers and bloggers around the world to give a sophisticated, neat, and professional look to their content.  

• No attribution required

• Copyright free

Price: Free of cost

Best Social Media Tools

5) Create A Video to Tell Your Travel Story

All of us desire that our travel vlogs look like movies. We hope to capture the scenery, monuments, and adventures of our trip and store them in the form of a beautiful video. But most of the time we get caught up thinking about all the tedious editing that we might have to do. The sight of complicated video editing software keeps us away from making our dream video.  With the current lockdown, and with the extra time in hand, we have a great opportunity to make a video of all our travel experiences.

Animoto gives its users the opportunity to combine photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows and presentations. It is a cloud-based service. You can now create videos and presentations and share them with your, followers, friends, and families.


  • It has high video quality ( HD 1080p)
  • Multiple Font Styles to choose from
  • Colour Customization is available
  • There are 3000+ commercially licensed music tracks.
  • Make landscape and Square Videos
  • You can download the video
  • Share the videos that you have created on social media.

Similar Social Media Tools: Adobe Spark

Price: Free Version is Available

6) Post At The Right Time To Make Sure You Shine

As a travel blogger, it is not only important that you share your travel story, but it is important that you share your story at a time that your audience can listen to it. During the current lockdown, most of us are either busy working from home or are caught up with online classes. Therefore, it is important that the content is released at a time when your followers are free and can use it.

Socialflow allows you to optimize your content. It uses real-time data to determine a suitable time for you to release your content. It ensures that your content is released at a time when it can get maximum views.


  • Trending data monitoring
  • Language technology
  • Automated social messaging delivery
  • Real-time data conversation analysis.

 Similar Social Media Tools: Falcon, Buffer

Price:  It does not offer a free trial

7) Organize and Optimise!

As interesting as your travel story might be, it is extremely important that your content is optimized. Your blog content should be rich in ideas as well as keywords so that it can reach the maximum number of people. Optimizing your content may seem extremely difficult and time-consuming. Be it coming up with creative written content or to find captivating images for your content.

Buffer provides its users with a variety of options to improve their content so that it can reach the maximum number of people.


  • RSS feeds connectivity
  • Profile Management
  • Analytics and insights
  • Social Profile Sharing 
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • Multiple Posts and Tweets

 Similar Social Media Tools: Oktopost, Loomly, Zoho Social

Price: A free option is available

Best Social Media Tools

Thus, with the help of these tools, you can create, unique, interesting, and optimized travel content so that your followers, friends, and family can use it the next time they plan on taking a vacation.