7 Instagram Promote Method: How to Promote Blog Post (2020)

Instagram Promote Method: How to Promote Blog Post (2020) – Today, Instagram is not only one of the most popular but also a rapidly growing social media platforms. All the creators are being more active on their Instagram than their original mode of earning like YouTube. Everyone understands this growing importance of Instagram and therefore wants to be part of the platform. This growth of the platform has also transformed the kind of content made here.

Now, it is not only used for promotion rather original content is also being posted on the platform. This original content is posted by a whole range of people from Instagram influencers to people who just want a platform to showcase their work. Instagram Promote Method, No matter who is the one posting. They all hope for their content to reach a larger audience, to get traffic and attention though this is becoming a little difficult. It is because Instagram at present has a large amount of content suppliers on all topics and bringing your content in the spotlight can sometimes become a difficult job.

Does that mean one should stop trying?

Absolutely not.

Instead what needs to be done is to find effective and innovative ways to promote your post. Instagram Promote Method In order to give you a head start, there is a list of 7 ways to promote blog posts on Instagram in 2020.

7 Ways to promote post on Instagram

1. Know the Consumers

All social media platforms are driven by their consumers. This reason alone becomes the cause as to why Instagram Promote Method as the content of the posts should be made in accordance with the audience. You need to remember the kind of audience that you want to cater to while keeping in mind the demographic of Instagram.

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Once you understand these various details, it will be easier to create content consumed by Instagram demographics. Your content can even attempt to create and promote instagram method easily. With a balance between what the audience wants and what the creator wants to create. This balance is hard to achieve but not impossible especially when you know what you want to show.

Accelerate the posting frequency

Nowadays people have short term memories especially when it comes to social media platforms and the new content that they consume every day. No matter how great that post of yours was, if not reminded of your existence, they will forget. Don’t expect the users to keep hanging if you are not visible to them. Simply put, it means that you need to increase the frequency of posts by increasing content production and posting. It is important to post daily, also it is not important to create a thorough blog post for each day. In fact this should not be done at all as it might be conveyed as an information dump by the audience.

Then what should one do? What should we post about daily?

The answer is simple, post about anything that’s happening around, instance from your life, previous Posta or any sort of content that matches the aesthetic of your page. These can be different forms as well, a meme, a questionnaire, a simple picture with a caption, or a full-fledged post with well throughout written plans.

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Create on one promote on all

There are no rules in this business of promotions, you can take an Instagram post. Create a post about it on twitter or Facebook promoting the same. This promotion helps in generating a new audience base. Different platforms have different engagements and various other people who are then introduced to this.  Cross posting your content introduces it to a whole new platform which not only increases your reach but also provides a wider range of audiences.

Though there is a very important thing that you need to remember while cross posting i.e. understanding the difference between various social media platforms. This difference is crucial to understand as it tells you how to post on different platforms, because posting the exact same content on all platforms will not yield the same results.

If you find this process a little bit tedious you can also schedule your post across various platform. There are many software and apps that helps you in this process, such as Sprout Social’s Asset Library

  • #Hashtag 

It is suffice to say that everyone knows the importance of hashtags on Instagram, all public posts are filled with hashtags. These hashtags help get audiences who are not even directly searching for you or the kind of content you have posted hence bringing new users to you. These new users then might like your content and decide to stay increasing your following. Creating hashtags for your brand or industry hashtags are a brilliant way of increasing user interaction with your pages.

How does one create such hashtags and how to promote them?

Well, it is not as complicated as it might sound. All you need to do is think of an idea which revolves around your brand. And transform it into a hashtag or more which can be used in daily life while one wants to either mention your brand or just promote it.

A guide for using hashtags successfully:

  • Influencers
Source: Fiverchannel

As we talked in the beginning, influencers are becoming more and more popular on Instagram these days. These influencers are present in all fields from fitness to beauty to lifestyle choice. These influencers have a strong hold over the Instagram audiences. They have created their presence from scratch sometimes having as many as millions of followers and ever wider reach.

How can these influencers help you in promotion?

No matter who you are either an influencer yourself or just a creator on Instagram. You can be greatly helped by the influencer’s community of Instagram especially for promotions.

Working with influencers exposes your posts and profile to a bigger audience. Which is either similar to your existing follower base or a whole new different sect of people that you are trying to engage in your content.

These relationships are a very subtle way of promotions when content. Which is loved by the followers of both the parties is created. Hence profits both the parties. These collaborations can be paid or mutual depending from person to people. This relationship is also used by brands. When they send their products to these influencers in order to attract their user base. This is not only one of the most effective ways of promotion but also a very cost effective one. As it sometimes requires no monetary investment.

  • Giveaway!

Contest alerts or giveaway are probably the oldest trick in the hat yet works every time. Probably because we as human beings cannot say no to free thing. Or the possibility of getting a reward without actually doing much. Since this is so effective, it is sometimes exploited by creators resulting in ineffective results and making the technique obsolete. Therefore it is important to know how much to use. Of course remaining honest i.e. not making any false promises to you users.

What is the correct way?

Nothing should be labelled as correct or incorrect though there are more effective ways than others. There are various techniques and one needs to choose what sets in line with their goals. If you need to increase your followers then you would probably use a technique. It will require your current followers to form a chain system where they make or request people to follow the account in order to complete the requirements of the giveaway. On the other hand if you want to increase the actual reach or the platform, you would go with something which requires your users to tag you while doing the task or challenging 3 more people for the task, etc. There are many more such techniques, all you need to do is choose the best one to fulfil your goal.

  • Paid campaign

The fact that even huge cooperation like dominos, burger king, and H&M etc. uses paid campaigns is proof enough that it works. There are even many local businesses and start-ups which have profited a lot from paid campaigns. These are run by professionals who have the best of software and understand the algorithm. Hence making your content reach the audience who is most likely to check it or explore your feed. They help in placement of your advertisement at appropriate places. This is to get the best possible outcome resulting in generating traffic toward you [page or content.

What type of ad to create for such types of promotion?

This is not a simple question to answer as it depends on a lot of things such as the budget for ad production. Huge cooperation has big budgets. It can therefore create elaborate video advertisements with amazing graphics though if you are a start-up organisation you may not be able to do that. All you need to do is talk about or create an advertisement telling the users what your page or content is about and you are all set.

So, what is the best way?

Well that is for you to decide because it’s you, who knows their content and users better. The first step towards promoting your content therefore is to understand your own content. What it stands for at the present, after that step it is done, then you need to understand the platform you are sharing your content on and then the rest of the steps.

Go slow or go fast, it is completely on you, but you need to try to make it work.

Happy promoting!