Engagement Techniques: Followers to have for Instagram to make money

engagement techniques

Engagement Techniques: Followers to have for Instagram to make money Instagram is the thing today, it is where people are starting their careers, expanding the, and exploring them. Almost everyone from the age group 14- 40 years old is on it and if not have at least heard about it. Instagram is producing contain mak3es and content consumers in high numbers daily. Now when someone spends so much time on a platform, one might start to think of all the ways it can benefit them.

No matter who you’re, either an established content creator with Instagram career or a person looking to start a career on the platform, Engagement Techniques this article will help you in your journey to earn money on Instagram. So let’s dive in!

Engagement Techniques

5 ways to earn money on Instagram

1. Open an E-commerce Store

Selling is always a good option, and convenient too. Especially in these times of 2020 when no one can step out of their house or rather doesn’t want to for obvious reasons. This is actually one of the most practical and money making ideas. The fun part is Instagram provides a perfect platform for such work. It is a place where all kinds of people are present,

Engagement Techniques there are people from all walks of life who have different and varied tastes and are always looking for something to match their taste. Instagram’s algorithm finds and suggests to you stuff that you seem interested in and therefore when you choose to sell there, it will automatically recommend you to potential customers who have the taste for what you are selling.

There are various reasons as to why Instagram is a wonderful reason to sell your stuff or anything that you want as a matter of fact. Instagram not only allows you to advertise your product or service using its various features Engagement Techniques but at the same time also provides you with tools to make direct sales on the platform itself. The fun fact about Instagram is that you can sell absolutely anything on this platform. It is wide range from your services as teacher to t-shirts to hand made art and craft, as told earlier, absolutely anything.

To convert your personal account into a store, there are some step which need to be followed:

Engagement Techniques
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Step 1: It is the first step which includes you to convert your personal profile to a business profile. Business profile is a necessity Engagement Techniques to sell on Instagram, either you can simply switch or directly create one.

Step 2: Create a product/service catalogue 

When you want to feature products in your posts, you’ll have to pull them from your store catalogue. From where, you connect your product catalogue to Facebook.

Step 3: Get your business profile approved

Instagram will review your business profile when you’re ready. Once it gets approved, you are all set for Ecommerce.

2. Publish Sponsored Posts

Before we start with this one, let us look at some of the figures about advertising and buying. According to Social Toaster: 92% of individuals trust word-of-mouth recommendations. 76% of people say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by common people than brands. 82% of customers want to get referrals from friends before making a purchasing decision. Engagement Techniques

Now, keeping these researches in mind, it is obvious that huge brands, companies and other various organisations prefer to have someone locally advertise their products as it is a more realistic way. Considering how influencer marketing is on its rise. It is also natural that this business comes in the hand of all the relatable Instagram influencers or content creators. Though it is important to tell your audience if and when you are advertising for a brand, company etc.

Brands advertising on Instagram understand the kind of personal interactions influencers and creators have and they want to benefit off it. You don’t need to have a huge following to get sponsored posts. You can make money no matter how many followers you have.

Engagement Techniques The brand generally focuses on the engagement of the influencer rather than their number of following numbers. Even big brands like Zara aim for micro and Nano influencers to engage more people. So even if you have less than 1000 followers you have a chance of earning money via Instagram.

Engagement Techniques
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Since these influencers have in-person interactions with the majority of their subscribers, they deliver better results, which means you can get an offer even if you have less than 1,000 followers on Instagram.

3. Become a Brand Ambassador.

While sponsorship is a good way to earn money it is rather short term and temporary. Brand ambassador on the other hand is long term and helps the companies and people to establish long term relationships. This way a company ensures that their product or services are promoted by the said person regularly.

Since, these days Instagram is the most preferred place by most groups of people. It also makes it a perfect place for all the companies to find their brand ambassadors. These companies come with different plans and collaborate with various influencers. They think attracts the kind of audience which will buy their product or services. Instagram marketing is not just popular but all preferred by both the companies and various influencers.

This way not only you can earn money and increase your group of followers but also have other added advantages. It is often heard that large companies are seen sending free products to influencers. When they review and promote it, their products get more customers and the influencers get money. These brands sign contracts with the influencers which means a lot of money.

Being a brand ambassador not only gets you a lot of money but also great products that you get to use every day. Therefore, in 2020 when people depend a lot on the online community, prompting and advertising on Instagram seems like a very profitable idea. Fun fact, sometimes micro influencers are preferred by huge brands over celebrities. As these influencers have a more niche and engaged audience than huge celebrities.

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4. Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is one of the first things which comes to someone’s mind when they think about earning money online as it is not only popular but effective too. That is the reason that affiliate marketing is popular on Instagram as well. To be a part of affiliate marketing on Instagram you need to be part of affiliate programs. There you can add affiliate links to your Instagram and make a commission on the sales you generate.

Basically whenever someone buys a product because they came across it all because of you, you earn a commission. There are various affiliate marketing groups all over Instagram and you can really find the one in which you are interested.

Now, before choosing a particular niche, you need to be more aware about yourself than your product. Which means that you need to know your audiences, the people who follow you. What kind of stuff they will be interested in buying. Once you have that part covered, it is quite easy to engage that audience into becoming customers of the product as they will listen to you.

Is Instagram a good way of advertising your affiliate links? - Quora

Due to the large number of engagements which come to an influencer on Instagram, it is actually a perfect place to do affiliate marketing and earn money. No meter the number of followers, a clickable link in your bios and you’re good to go. Also, do ensure when you post about these things that your captions, hashtags and everything else is perfect to a level that your followers are at least intrigued to find out more. Call for action in the captions is always a hit among the followers. Do not forget, if done correctly this is a great way to earn money on Instagram.

5.  Make Instagram Stories Masks and Filters

In 2016, Instagram decided to launch a feature similar to snapchat where you post something as a story and it disappears within 24 hours. Basically short lived content. Now as many people might have predicted it got instant popularity with the users and the feature started updating and developing daily.

Now over 500 million people watch or create Instagram stories daily with all kinds of different content. This content posted is only for a limited period of time, people are more engaged and want to be involved as it is more fun. 

This fun and engagement part is used very smartly by companies trying to expand their business. Companies hire different people to create Instagram stories, filters, games and tasks which are not only interesting but also smart. This in turn brings the customers towards their business increasing and expanding it. These Instagram Stories masks and filters help them attract that niche audience and promote themselves.

Now obviously this job requires someone which not only understands the business. They need to create these for but also understands the Instagram audience. Some companies have in-house designers while others hire, in both these cases this is a pretty amazing job.

Sometimes companies even collaborate with various Instagram artists

to produce and promote this content. If you are a creative person who also happens to be familiar with the Instagram crowd this job screams you!

Engagement Techniques

The thing is Instagram has a lot of earning potential, a lot.  The reason being that it is an ever changing platform which keeps evolving.

It introduces new features which attract a whole new demographic to the platform every day. For example, the new feature of Reels, this feature has already become so popular and has started attracting all the crowd of tik- toks over to Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with the highest engagement rate, so it’s easy to make money on the platform.

All it requires is a little bit of smart work, skills and talent for something that you actually want to do. If this promise isn’t’ enough, you should know that there are people earning lacs from this same platform.

Happy earning!