How Social Media Management Tools Can Ease Your Pain in 2020

In the year 2020, while we are at the peak of the digital age, it is more important now than ever before to use our social media presence to bring around a positive change around us. Lockdown has proven to be an extremely difficult time, especially for those living alone. During these times, people have reached out to others, through social media, and it has proven to be a platform for people to connect, empathise, and grow.

Currently, social media is playing a key role in boosting sales and promoting small and local businesses. In the world that we live, people often turn to social media to make their purchase decisions. During the lockdown, when online shopping is higher than ever, social media marketing is the need of the hour. Managing social media can sometimes be a difficult task, therefore, there are tools known as ‘Social Media Management Tools’ that act as huge problem solvers.

If you are a social media influencer or even a social media user, then Social Media Management Tools can prove to be extremely useful to you. 

What Is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management, is the process of planning, strategizing, and analysing your content across various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with the help of Social Media Managers or Social Media Management tools to ensure that the content created is optimized and has benefited the target audience. 

Why Social Media Management Is Required?

Social Media Management is what helps your content stand apart. They prove to be useful in multiple ways like

o To schedule posts ahead of time: Creating content can be difficult and time-consuming. In such a situation, the ability to plan your post and story uploads in advance can prove to be extremely useful. With some social media management tools, you can plan your post and story uploads in a month advance. This leaves you with extra time to focus on your content.

o Monitor Return On Investment (ROI): It is important for a business to monitor the amount spent by them on any aspect of their business. Social Media Tools allow you to focus upon the Key Performance Indicators and thus track your Return On Investment.

o To Prompt Alerts: In case there is a sudden increase of mentions or an emergency, Social Media Management Tools promptly alert you, so that you can take charge of the situation and do the needful

Social Media Management Tools

Best Scheduling Tools For Social Media

In Social Media, just like in any other area of life, timing is key. This lockdown, everybody is caught up with either online classes or work. Thus, it is important to release content at a time when your user base is most active on social media so that they can derive the most benefit from it. There are several Scheduling Tools that will help you plan and release content. You can also set up a release schedule on these tools and they will take care of the rest. Some of the tools are,


Features & Pricing:

You can use it for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

In the free version, you can schedule 30 posts per month and have one profile on each of the platforms.

It ranges from

$7.5/month which allows I profile per platform and 100 posts per platform

$16/month which allows 2 profiles per platform and 250 posts per platform

$24/month which allows 3 profiles per platform and unlimited posts

$41/month which allows 5 profiles per platform and unlimited posts.


1 It posts directly to Instagram without push notifications

2 Allows you to have multiple users in a sign-in account.

3 Ability to store captions


1 You cannot tweet a link.

2 Mainly Instagram centric


Features & Pricing:

You can use it for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It allows a 14-day free trial.

It ranges from

 $15/ month which allows 8 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts, and 1 user  

$65/month which allows 8 social accounts, 2000scheduled posts, and 2 users

 $99/month which allows 25 social accounts, 2000 scheduled posts, and 6 users 


1 Good for beginners

2 Quick and easy to use

3 Has a good quote generator


1 Huge price jump between plans

2 Expensive Analytics

Social Media Management Tools

Sprout Social 

Features & Pricing:

You can use it for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

It ranges from,

$99/month which allows 5 social profiles, social content calendar, review management 

$149/month which allows 10 social profiles, features of the basic plan plus, incoming and outgoing message tagging, schedule for optimal send times, response rate and time analysis report

$249/month which allows 10 social profiles features of the basic plan plus message spike alerts for increased message activity, saved and suggested replies, custom URL tracking.


1 feature of calender gives a clear image of the schedule

2 Clear in-depth and useful trend reports

3 Get suggestions for optimal posting times.


1 It is expensive

2 Analysis by country or region is not available


Features & Pricing:

You can use it for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A free trial is available

It ranges from

 $19/month which allows 10 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and 1 user.

$99/month which allows 20 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and 3 users

$499/month which allows 50 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and 5 users


1 Wide range of analytics

2 Access to multiple social networks


1 Huge price jump between plans

2 Limited features for lower plans 

Social Media Management Tools

How Social Media Management Tools Work?

Social Media Tools automate most of the tedious and time-consuming jobs so that you can spend most of your time coming up with creative and interesting content.

Some of its features include

 Helps in Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts: It helps you not only to organise multiple accounts but also across multiple platforms. If you are a social media manager or someone with multiple social media accounts, then handling these accounts can be tiring and confusing. Social Media Management tools really prove to be lifesavers in situations like these.

 To Organise and Schedule Your Posts: Instead of you having to manually upload each of your posts or story, you can set up time and date on which you want to upload your posts. This was you can plan your monthly posting activity effectively and efficiently.

 To Analyse Performance: As a creator, you might have several questions on how to increase the reach of your content or how to optimize your content. Social Media Tools provide you with such information. Along with this, it also provides analysis on posts that are highly engaging, keywords that get most clicks, and information on your target audience.

 To Improve your relation with your Customers/Audience: You have the option to make notes and store previous replies. This way, your social media manager has an idea of your style of interaction. You too can refer to these previous notes, while interacting with your followers.

Advantages of Social Media Management Tools:

 Improves Reach: Social Media Management helps you to understand what platform may be most suitable for your needs. For instance, knowing the demographic on these social media platforms will help you know which platform is most suitable for your product or service, Then you can target this audience and effectively improve your reach.  

 Helps You Save Time: Market Research is an important aspect that proves to be beneficial to content creators or social media marketers. But the process of market research can be tiring, and time-consuming. Social Media Management Tools, give you access to a number of analytics and trends and analytics, all while sitting in the comfort of your home. This helps you to better understand the social media platforms and improve your content without spending a lot of time on it.

 It Is Cost-Effective: If not for Social Media Management Tools, creators would have to conduct research on their own, in order to optimize their content. To gain access to this research data, could prove to be extremely expensive. With the help of Social Media Tools, you can now gain a better understanding of Social Media Management with either no cost or a minimum usership fee.

 Overall Better Results: Currently, above 70% of people turn to social media before making a purchase decision. Social Media Management allows you to optimise your content, improve reach, save money, and save time. Your users will now be able to benefit from your content, thus giving you the joy of having successfully answered the questions of your user base.

Social Media Management Tools

Disadvantages of Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools solve multiple problems for content creators, social media marketers, and users, but they have some disadvantages

 Falling behind the curve:

Everyone in the market has equal access to these tools. The world of social media is extremely competitive. There are thousands of people using the same type of tools and it is more than likely that your competitor is using the same tool. Therefore, social media management tools should be backed by a great marketing strategy to achieve great results.

 Lack of Customisation:

Though these platforms provide a huge number of tools, it might not work for everyone out there. Every business is unique and every user is unique. Therefore, the ‘one fits all’ strategy may not prove to be very useful for some users.

 Might be a pricy affair:

Though most of the Social Media Management platforms provide a free version, there are a limited number of features that can be used. In the beginning stages of a business, when the capital available may be quite low, is when it is most in need of these tools. Business versions of these tools go up to several hundred dollars a month which can be unaffordable to many.

 Greater learning curve:

The operations of these tools may seem overwhelming at times. While there are some tools that are user friendly, the rest need quite a lot of practice to get right. To explore all the features and use them to get positive results might sometimes prove to be challenging.

Social media management tools, in spite of their disadvantages, have proven to be extremely helpful to business owners and content creators. It has connected those who seek answers with those who can provide these answers.  It has opened a whole new world of research and analysis enabling users around the world to get positive results from the social media platforms