How Technology trend can increase your profit in 2020

Technology Trend Profit

How Technology trend can increase your profit in 2020: India is a vast country and has achieved great height with success in various fields whether it is education, sports , business ,technology etc. But due to covid 19 effect everywhere in the world has decreased the graph of success of every company. The effect of economy  on the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India has been largely disruptive and lot of problem are been faced by the country . India growth in the year 2020 has been went down to 3.1% according to the reports.

The importance of technology in our lives has never been more apparent. It is seen as that the virus will take a tremendous and a long-term Technology trend impact on the country and on our society . Now we will discuss the points that how we can reshape the future of technology. They are listed as below:

1.Important to Change the human behavior:

It is likely seem that consumer sentiment and behavior will be now shifted and  affected at least temporarily, by the covid pandemic. Its decrement in fallout. Even once when the world moves past to the peak of the epidemic, it is unlikely that people will return to their  life as it was before the covid 19 outbreak.

These changes in sentiment and work  behavior will be underpinning the future of techology and human interaction with it. For example now Technology trend in order to stem the tide of the covid 19 pandemic arguments are now already being made for using location data from smartphones to do contact tracing. As in the mid-April Google and Apple have said they are working together to use technology to track and limit the spread of the corona virus.

2. Acceleration of AI in human jobs

Technology trend

The Covid 19 pandemic tells us how how reliance on human labor makes it impossible to keep the economy running during a viral outbreak because the best scientific predictions estimate that we may be dealing Technology trend with this. For another year or two, and because there’s no guarantee we won’t experience another pandemic five, ten, or twenty years down the line. We’re seeing an even greater degree of focus put on using AI to do jobs that are risky for humans under the circumstances.

Unlike humans, robots are not susceptible to the virus, and can continue working during a pandemic. Or other crisis without risk to health and safety. Increased use of AI in these high-risk jobs. This also limits corporate liability in terms of providing workers with a safe working environment.

3.More distance working

On a related note, the pandemic will likely have implications for how many of us are empowered to do distance work. The covid 19 outbreak has reached so far. This has shown us that many more American Technology trend workers are now  able to work from home effectively than we would have previously believed. We expect to see companies directing more investment toward powering distance working. It includes investment in things like cloud solutions and conferencing and communication tools.

Distance work will increasingly include medecine, with the greater availability of telehealth systems almost certain to come as a result of the pandemic. Telehealth options are key to slowing the spread of the virus. To ensuring healthcare systems can continue serving all patients while keeping Technology trend them from crowding into waiting rooms. We expect an influx of investment in telehealth technology powering secure video appointments, secure messaging systems, online appointment scheduling systems, online prescribing, and online billing and payment systems.

4.Effect of Lockdown on IT sector:

The significant weaknesses the IT industry is facing now is due to the fall in the economy. The lot of companies are forced to ask their employees to work from home (remotely) keeping in the account of the public health concerns. Technology trend due to this pandemic it has caused many of us a massive loss and opportunity for many companies. This has international dealers in contact to them. For example, Apple Inc. is estimated to have at least 10% fall in its shares because of the lack of availability of iPhones in the market. The parts that are required to build the iPhone’s are supposed to come from China, and it is facing a major lockdown.

The spread of this deadly corona virus has caused a lot of technical conferences. But this would not have the same reach, and the conference attendees will not be able to have the networking opportunity as they would be attending the actual conference.

5.Disguised benefits:

Even after all this situation if we compare them to many other industries. The IT industry is expected to have an huge market boom from many billion dollars to other amount of dollar in the next five years by 2025. The main reason behind it for this increase in the economy will be the  increase Technology trend in demand for the software. Many social media platform such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video call, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

All these teleconferencing tools are now helping the people who are in quarantine to stay in touch with their family members. They have conference office meetings and work at the same time at home with safety. The economy will also shine because, during these crises, since now technology trend people has understood the importance and opportunities of the internet and technology as this is now helping them in many ways by staying safe at home and even no loss to work all are going side by side and there is no loss to any platform of path.

6 Many Blooming Opportunities and their threats in the IT industry:

Now Due to the coronavirus, a lot of opportunities has been opened up in the IT industry, such as the growing need for the 5th generation technology. This will help us in increasing connections that support us. The primed remote interactions and this has now become the top priority for many of the organizations due to the pandemic.

Telehealth is one of the developing industries in the crises. This will be now helping people to get diagnosed, treated and operated with the need of a physician to be physically present.  Many no of apps  have now been built in the past few months to help achieve this. There are many patients who are in self-quarantine who need medical supervision and medical assistance every day. These applications could help them achieve that. Many exporters in the industry may feel that it will not be able to stabilize after the downfall. Unlike the 2008 global economic and financial meltdown and now back then, the central bank will help us  to improve the stability of the market but now here  even the central banks are been helpless.

7. Building some smart solutions around the world:

There are many countries who are facing the shutdown has now invested in smart city solution such as the cops in China are been done using drones attached with thermal sponsors to identify the symptoms for coronavirus. They get immediate medical help to them. Similarly In Australia, the government had launched a chat-bot to keep the citizens up to date with the situation and answer. In South Korea, the local government has launched a Smartphone app that keeps the self-quarantine employees in touch with their co-workers to keep the updates to the work process and to ask any questions.

Technology Trend to change the World

Now there is a solution to all of these issue do the major use of digital marketing.  Since now it has  become a dominant form of marketing. It is beyond are mind to imagine advertising your brand or business without it. One of the simple and efficient way to expand your business and profit to a great height. It provide us with lot of opportunities for future. Digital marketing has been deeply rooted in the use of technology, the internet, and new-age devices such as mobile phones and other digital media. It focusses mainly on the social media, blogs, email, and search engines. These are the path by which we can promote our business and make people aware about it.

 1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Technology trend

While we’ve all heard about virtual reality, which takes us into a world that is completely generated by a computer augmented reality is a different story. This means that with the advancement of technology, there are new digital marketing and opportunities for marketers to use. The only question  here , which technology trends are currently shaping the digital marketing and changing the economy of 2020.

Here’s how it works:

  • you need a device such as a mobile phone
  • you point your camera to space you’re in, in real-time
  • AR adds digital elements to that space combining the real with the virtual

While this technology has been around for a while, it’s only gaining power and momentum in 2020.

It’s being used by companies and brands trying to advertise their products the best way they can:

  • the Swedish furniture company IKEA is using AR to help you understand what a piece of their furniture would look like in a space you choose
  • L’Oreal allows you to virtually try out their makeup on your face. And see what it would look like on you

2. Social Commerce

Technology trend

Social media is the cornerstone of digital marketing. It continues to play a significant role for advertisers all over the globe. It’s no wonder that social media tech rends are influencing digital marketing. It has been around for a couple of years but is seriously stepping out today.

Do know about some techniques about the commerce is based on a simple thing called with a different product named tagging. Here’s how it works:

  • you publish a post on social media such as instagram.
  • the post shows an image of a model wearing your brand’s clothes
  • people can easily without thinking click an image and can tag on the image.
  • they learn the product’s name and price
  • if they like to, they can click the tag and the link takes them to your website. Where they can buy the exact product they were watching on Instagram 3 seconds ago

This process makes product advertising much easier and the product seems more appealing.

Also, the process of finding the product on the website is so easy and straightforward that you don’t have to go through any trouble to find it.

Advertisers are making use of this brilliant feature and creating new digital marketing strategies thanks to it.

3. Voice Search 

Technology trend

Is an another technology trend that is on the rise and is expected to explode in the year 2020. While smart speakers and voice search have been around for a couple of years. This tech trend is only getting stronger. But, what does voice search have to do with digital marketing?The truth is, voice search is changing the way people are searching the web. It is influencing the ranking of your content in Google search results. Let us say if you   want to cook rice but you do not know the recipe. You are here having  two options:

  • type “rice recipe” in Google search box
  • With the help of ask via voice search “how should I make rice ?”

The main difference between them is an obvious reason why the voice search tech trend is reshaping digital marketing. Marketers now need to focus on an optimising the content for voice search : 

  • use long-tail keywords
  • use your Google “My Business” listing for local searches
  • make it scannable
  • include questions

Marketers need to understand this new dimension of SEO and the rules emerging with the rise of the voice search.

4. Social Messaging

Social messaging apps are a part of our everyday lives and we all have at least one of them. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are just some of the popular social messaging apps we love using.Primarily, the purpose was simple:

  • communicate with your friends
  • send and receive images and videos
  • do voice calls or video calls
  • share emoji and GIFs

However, social messaging apps have started to surpass this initial purpose. More and more brands, companies, and businesses are using social messaging apps to communicate with their customers. Digital marketers have recognized this enormous potential that social messaging apps have. Now, they’re using it to build strong relationships with their customers:

  • communicate directly with their customers
  • provide 24/7, easy to reach customer support
  • take orders
  • personalize their communication
  • send special offers, discounts, and gift certificates
  • advertise new products
  • boost sales
  • get feedback

The rise of the social messaging apps as a tool  making marketers all over the globe invest their efforts into joining in. The potential is huge and the options are numerous.

5. Rise of The Video

As we know that only Videos are not only the best tech discovery, we know. However, the impact that video materials are making in the digital marketing sector is incredible.Before, people mainly looked for information in blog posts and written step-by-step guides. However, it seems that they’ve lost the patience for reading. They are turning more to video materials as their go-to resource. This is simply because people want the information to be delivered to them quickly. And the video is definitely one of the fastest ways to learn something new and get the information you need. This is why digital marketers need to focus on producing and publishing videos such as:

  • how-to guides
  • product reviews
  • product manuals
  • step-by-step guides
  • hacks
  • testimonials
  • unboxing

So if we are going to Prioritizing videos and over different types of content is becoming a trend in digital marketing. Marketers are stepping their video game up and create appealing, entertaining, and informative for their audience. This also means they’re paying more attention to their YouTube channels and the content they share on this media platform.

6. Multi-Strategizing

When we look at a single brand and its digital marketing efforts, we’re going to notice a very important matter. One brand uses several different platforms and media to convey their message and advertise their brand.A single brand will create and publish content on:

  • their website’s blog
  • different blogs in the forms of being as guest posts
  • different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • email

In other words, there is an different part in another side that is on the rise.You can no longer create a piece of content and publish it on all the platforms you’re employing. Today, you have to strategize and create different types of content for different platforms.

For example if you are having an e-commerce selling some products and here  your strategy would go something like this:

  • That is your blog would cover topics such as “how to choose the best product “
  • your Instagram accoun heret would be doing an campaign  with a celebrity who will promote this product
  • And your Twitter account would be making comments about the trending topics in your list .

This means that with the rise of technology, and different advertising platforms, digital marketers need to face a more complex and elaborate challenge.They now have to run several different digital marketing strategies, with the same gal, but different means.


At last we would conclude by saying that,Technology  trends are now  constantly reshaping the face of digital marketing new . New innovation, developments and new tech discoveries are making marketers reorganize their digital marketing game. And, if you want to swim with the big fish, you have to do the same.The technology trends above are a must for your plan of 2020 digital marketing strategy. But, don’t stop there , keep doing hard work with full dedication.Keep your eyes wide open and lookout for new trends coming your way.