Want to Start Freelancing Career? Stop these mistakes

Want to Start Freelancing Career? Stop these mistakes. Firstly freelancing does not mean fun and free. This might not been a Genuine thing but it is a full-time freelancing career. It is also taking a lot of courage to decide if one should make it a full-time online freelancer or work as a side-job for passive income.

This comes with it is a taste of good and bad. But when it’s done right, it comes with great perks of freedom, money and peace of mind. There is no boss problems, no rules, no fix timings, and work from anywhere.

Also you might have read a lot of success stories about freelancing. It might tempt you enough to start a career in freelancing but, before you take any such decision, let me also show you more side of freelancing. 

Have you ever thought that also despite having such a lucrative career option, very few make it to the top and carry out as a career option for long? Why not everyone gets success in freelancing career?

It is because freelancing is not just getting online on freelancing sites. Start doing projects also it requires much more than your skills to reach the target and goals. And before living a dream life, you need to pass lots of hurdles. So if you are planning to choose freelancing career make sure that it is right for you or not .

Want to Start Freelancing Career? Stop these mistakes
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The most common Freelancing Career Mistakes which you can avoid are as follows:

The major several adjectives describe freelance work. Easy is not one of them so why do people go into freelancing Start Freelancing Career hence the freedom, flexibility, and independent career paths are the top reasons, according to both the Freelance Industry Report by the International Freelancers Academy and the Genesis Research Associates Survey for the o Desk. 

And converting those reasons into actual benefits requires self-direction, creativity, and tons of work.  So this is not that easy, but if you are steer clear of these common freelancing mistakes. Then it would not be too difficult either.

Want to Start Freelancing Career? Stop these mistakes

1. Try to think  like an employee and limit your working hours :

It is great when you have no boss to tell you what to do. But that also means that you alone Start Freelancing Career responsible for marketing your services, updating skills, negotiating and monitoring payments, and prioritizing projects to meet deadlines.

Also working only from 9 to 5 while waiting for opportunities to come your way is among the worst freelancing mistakes.  Try to Think like an entrepreneur who does whatever is needed to deliver quality work. Research Associates 

Want to Start Freelancing Career? Stop these mistakes
( Source by : flexjobs.com)

Survey is showing us that more than 80% of freelancers believe the word entrepreneur is reflecting a different certain mind-set that used to describe them rather than strictly as having started a company.

2.  Performing minimally; merely following directions:

Want to Start Freelancing Career? Stop these mistakes

The brick-and-mortar companies come with protocols and job descriptions that define authority and establish boundaries.  Also in freelancing, clients provide the rationale, background, and parameters for projects on Start Freelancing Career which tries to bring in the knowledge, expertise, and a new perspective.  It is a relationship between equals who collaborate on a project, but YOU take the initiative. 

So If your working style is just doing what the client says. He will begin to wonder why he got you in the first place. It is been said that just pour into the fresh ideas and be ready to justify you creative ideas and decisions even when it contradicts his viewpoint to show how it will benefit his objective and even your opinions and inputs are part of the value you contribute.

3. Try to look randomly for your clients and accept every project:

Many of the online job boards offer an uncomplicated way of finding clients. But the Freelance Industry Report states only more than 6 % of freelancers think this is an effective way. Even the Referrals (26.4%), word of mouth (22.8%) and personal/professional network (15.9%) offer the best possibilities.

Many  employing effective methods are used for finding clients which  is important. But experienced freelancer and coach Celine also try to emphasize that the foundation of successful freelancing Start Freelancing Career is in being very specific about who is dealing with your ideal clients are. Working only with people who fit that description.  

And applying for every available gig is among the most common freelancing mistakes that can get you stuck doing work you don’t like for people who treat you like a commodity. 

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So try to formulate your criteria of ideal clients who respect you as an equal. whose businesses are aligned with your values. Hence you will conserve time and energy and can then focus on specific types of clients and businesses.

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4. Trying to Settle for the low pay and ignoring the income aspect:

Trying to offer the work at a low rate or with no pay comes naturally when you want to support online communities or individuals whose advocacy you also share but when you do it too often, it can give you a distorted perception of your worth. Also try to firmly establish the value of your contribution and get paid per global industry standards to sustain your freelancing

5. Not communicating enough leaving things unsaid :

The Famous Cambridge dictionary defines the expression that it goes without saying” to mean something that is obvious. In this the clients also comes from the diverse cultures and live across continents, nothing is serious. Everything is worth saying and best put into writing proposals, deliverables, contracts, submissions, milestones, and everything in between.

A Best Practices Study published by Outsourcing Centre concluded that a shared understanding of each other’s’ goals is key to successful outsourcing relationships. Try not to assume your goals are clear to your clients or that you understand their objectives. 

You must Repeat, paraphrase, and reconfirm to make sure you understand each other also establish communication lines early on by clarifying who the project point person isBe accessible. You should provide your contact details and the best times to reach you and respond promptly to messages while observing time zone differences and cultural holidays.

6. Do not suggest another possible project and losing the connection :

The question is your best future client is your past or current client ok then why ? As we already know your work ethics and work quality and you already know his business challenges and goals. Do not be in such a hurry to work for a new client without suggesting another possible project to your current client and this forms part of YOUR initiative.  

And A well-thought out new project suggestion demonstrates you understand his goals and are in a position to help him achieve them.  Even If you do not envision another project or if he declines your suggestion, send a thank you email with your full contact details to keep the communication lines open.  

So Still unconvinced about the value of keeping in touch with past clients?  Then it is worth repeating the findings of the Freelance Industry Report mentioned earlier:  Referrals (26.4%), word of mouth (22.8%) and personal/professional network (15.9%) are the most effective ways to find clients.

7. You should give up the saddest of freelancing mistakes :

The very successful freelancing takes time, not necessarily from a set number of hours but from regular immersion and practice. Also with practice comes improvement.  Don’t entertain doubts and distractions that cause you to lose focus.

Try to take note of your success and look back to when you first started and appreciate the progress you made. So here is one more reason not to give up and the fortune magazine reports a jump in freelancer pay as managers learn that paying more pays off.

The Nikki Parker of Freelancer.com adds, “Employers are willing to pay more for quality” and assess freelancers based on “their past feedback, skills, reputation, and portfolio of work.”

8. Try to Lose the site of the big picture and even neglecting other areas of your life:

The working freelance from home blurs the boundaries between work and time spent with the family, relaxing, or doing other things even it is tempting to accept more work and labour late into the night or over the weekends. So some of the projects will necessarily require you to work such hours, but if you do this habitually and allow clients to control your schedule, you could be headed for the exhaustion and try to create a creative drought that will affect work output.

And among the freelancing mistakes, this has the highest impact on your health, relationships, and other life areas. So try to Stick to a reasonable work schedule that leaves you time and energy for a balanced life.  Another question comes that are you enjoying the benefits of freedom and flexibility in freelancing comes down to personal choice.

  • Do  you really want to go full time or make a gradual transition while keeping your job?
  • Do you revved up working on simultaneous and successive projects?
  • Does the working long-term with a single client complement your mobile lifestyle?
  • And are you happy collaborating with a few clients on intermittent projects that allow for other pursuits?
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Go and decide on your path approach and then avoid these freelancing mistakes, and you’ll soon arrive at a free-and-easy operation. At last we would conclude up by mentioning that freelancing is a very exciting way to earn better money and it also allows a person to decide his own schedule even the type of tasks he likes to work on, and how much he wants to work. The benefits are here much more than its drawbacks and a very important phrase, if you have a will you are definitely going to find a way.