10 Superb Ways to bring engagement with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are probably the most understated way to bring engagement. They let you build a brand out of your business and help you promote a number of things from new products, to bring awareness, initiate conversation, etc. The reason that Instagram stories are popular is because they are easy to swipe through and are still engaging and fun.

These stories help you keep your followers engaged at all times even when your posts are less than frequent. It is these Instagram stories more than the post which help you build a relationship with your followers and they draw out more engagement and responses than a basic post.

So, without even wasting a single minute, let’s look at the best to increase engagement via Instagram stories.

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1. Promotion

There is a huge reason that if you own a business you probably have a website or a blog or both. It is not only smart but also important to update your Instagram audience about your other endeavours. Your Instagram stories are the best place to promote these blog posts and even your Instagram posts.

The swipe up feature of Instagram is ever effective for this task. It allows you to send your audience directly to the post and thereby engagement instagram stories increasing the chances of them actually visiting the post as it is easier to follow than to refer to a link. This is used a lot to increase lead generation, traffic and audience engagement.

Sometimes your new post gets lost in the mast amount of content produced and therefore stories lets your audience keep up with the content that you’re producing. This levels up your Instagram stories and at the same time increasing your following. This also impacts the traffic on your websites, blog and Instagram post, likes, comments, etc.

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2. Go live

A while ago Instagram introduced this feature of liv stories and it has been popular since then. No matter who you are, a Bollywood celebrity, model, influencer, live videos are a fantastic medium for you and are therefore used by the masses. The most important feature of live Instagram stories is that it allows you to directly engage with your audience.

This engagement creates a sense of belonging between you and your audience. It gives your followers a chance to ask questions, comments and send love in various forms. These live sessions provide real – time engagement and makes your audience a part of your life and venture.

Even though a push notification is sent to all your followers when you go live, it is crucial to choose a perfect time for this. This engagement boosting technique should be used at a time when most of your audience is using the platform and are free to be a part of the same.

You can even schedule your Instagram live to increase audience engagement and you can also post constant reminders about the live, again profiting yourselves.

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3. Giveaways

There is nothing as tempting as getting something by a person you admire and most giveaways on instream are a manifestation of the same. This keeps your audience hooked till the very end and also makes your job to engage the audience a little bit easier.

Not only hooks your current audience base but the thought of winning engages new audiences as well. Depending upon your needs you can’t strum up various tasks that need to be done in order to win the prize. There are various tasks that are generally being asked to do, such as:

  • Asking people to bring new followers.
  • Sharing stories or posts.
  • Liking new posts
  • Tagging someone in the comment section of the post
  • Using a branded hashtag

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These tasks help bring the necessary engagement, and Instagram stories help a lot in this process by giving regular updates and reminding everyone of the exciting opportunity.

Giveaways should only be used from time to time and should be honest. It is only on these two conditions that they will generate the required audience engagement.

4. Countdowns

Countdowns on Instagram stories are brilliant. They are exciting, engaging and leaving the users hanging for more. It is a sticker which is used by friends, influencers and mostly all Instagram users every day.

The most important aspect is that it is familiar to all and therefore helps you reach all the people watching your Instagram stories. These same countdowns can be shared with Businesses generally have a lot of things to create count done about, some of the most used ones are:

  • Giveaway or contest alerts.
  • Release of a new product
  • An upcoming sale
  • Brand’s anniversary
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Using these Instagram’s stickers on your Instagram stores or pages helps in creating a buzz around which is beneficial for business and it makes it look intriguing.

Countdown stickers allow your followers to keep a track of all the important events that you post about your stories. They can simple click on the countdown sticker and set an alert for the same. They can even share the countdown on their own stories to shoe the excitement

5. Collaboration  

Be it an artist or a business, you must have noticed that all of the professional accounts on Instagram aims for collaboration. There is no rocket science as to why they pay, creates traffic, engagement and followers as well / collaboration with other v brand sons in Instagram is one of the most used ways of expanding your business and creating a wider range of options and content for your followers. Collaborations happen can happen multiple ways, some of which are:

  • Host an Instagram takeover on your stories.
  • Co-design a product.
  • Have an Instagram Live with another brand.
  • Promote products/ services on each other’s pages.
  • Create content together, or maybe in parts which demands your followers to visit the other page.
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These collaboration projects amazingly build new audiences and are easy to curate. The most important part about a collaboration is finding the perfect brand or business to collaborate with, once that part is done you’re set to proceed. Then you can send emails requesting for collaborations when it is mutually beneficial.

Instagram stories are a blessing in disguise while collaborations as they keep the followers on both sides on their toes and keep updating them of the process and all the other details. The engagement rat shoots up if they are used smartly.

Tip: You can also create Instagram quizzes and other fun things to keep the engagement up.

6. Hashtags

The importance of hashtags on Instagram became transparent when the platform allowed you to follow the hashtags in the similar fashion as you follow other accounts. Now this is a big because this means if hashtags are used properly they can help you increase your audience exponentially as your accounts and stories will be shown when you search for a particular hashtag.

Though do not think that hashtags are only important in post, adding hashtags in stories is as important as the other. It allows your stories to be discovered by new audiences.

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Therefore it becomes crucial that your stories are not only well designed but also have relevant hashtags. You can add up to 10 10 hashtags to your Instagram Stories, of course try not to use all 10 of them, only use the relevant ones. You can also use the hashtag sticker provided by Instagram, it gives you multiple suggestions and from them you can use the most relevant one.

The important part is that you know how to place these stickers and hashtags, their placement should not be hampering the aesthetic of your story. To prevent ruining the aesthetics, you can hide your hashtags, since the purpose of the hashtags are to reach the audience and not presentation, they can be hidden under text, pictures, gifts, etc.

You can even change the colour of your hashtags so that they blend with the background. Just like any other Instagram post, use hashtags on your stories, experiment, get creative and then compare the results in terms of audience engagement.

7. Regram

As important as it is to create your own new content, it is even more important to regram other’s posts especially community posts i.e. sharing posts and stories by other accounts. Every account has its own following and some these following could also be your targeted audience, the people who might be interested in your content. When you regram someone’s content they tend to share that on their own stories, which can bring people to your account. 

Reg ramming content from other accounts also creates a variety in your own content and serves as something fresh for your current audience. These things can be liked or admired by your audience can help you create engagement on their part. This helps you build a relationship with your audience who eventually make for loyal long term followers.

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Regramming sometimes also means talking about issues that might be relevant for your user base as this helps you show that you care about them and their issues.

8. Stickers

Instagram stickers are probably the most used feature of Instagram stories. They are easy and fun to use, quirky and most importantly, they are effective in increasing engagement for business. There is so much to explore and engage in when it comes to stickers, they are personalised and loved by all. Out of all the stickers following are the best and most engaging ones:

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  • Polls – These are fun as everyone loves to rate things and give out their opinion once in a while and this particular sticker lets you while engaging your audience at the same time. Not only polls help in engagement but they can also be used to understand your followers better, their likes, dislikes so that you can create content which will be well received.
  • Question:  This sticker is a very new way of initiating a conversation with your followers. This establishes a bond with your followers and helps them see you as one of their own which builds a productive relationship. This question feature is very effective in increasing engagement as when a person’s question has been answered, they receive a notification which automatically increases your views. This clearly means more engagement.
  • Quiz – engaging in a quiz made by an account that you follow is amazing. It makes you feel the part of the account or the person or business. It personally involves you in the process and lets you have fun at the same time. On the other hand business gets a high engagement rate.

9. Peak Engagement Times

All of your efforts of engaging your audience can turn out to be futile if you are not targeting the peak engagement hour. Most businesses make the mistake of posting their stories at any random time while sometimes they tend to underestimate the power of stories and the engagement they can bring. You need to find the range of your followers by looking deep in your analytics.

This will help you understand the time at which they engage with you. After that engagement hour is sorted you can start posting content to get the undivided attention of your follower and engage them.

So it is time that you start understanding your audiences and their engagement times sand post your stories on those hours to yield the best potential of the same.

10. Share User Content

Instagram engagement is driven by your followers and various users and therefore it is crucial that you keep them in loop and make them feel heard. Instagram stories play an important role in doing this job. They give you a platform to share and share all the content that is being created by your users and audience in general.

These shares can include things ranging from artworks to inspired content, etc.  This helps in building trust of your users and makes them feel like a part of your brand.

This also gives other users motivation to post more about the brand using your hashtags, mentioning you in hope of being featured in the stories of your brand. This automatically brings engagement and also increases the usage of these hashtags and your brand name in general.

Hope all these pointers will help you plan your Instagram stories better and will get you the engagement you want for your business.